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Hi Everyone!

Being known for my craft in multiple states. I often get asked how I started piano tuning and why I ended up in Dallas Texas.

I first found an amazing concert piano technician for a mentor while finishing my music education degree. Very good luck! We worked together providing a high standard of piano service to Long Island / NYC for six years. We did some amazing things including installing a player system that appeared in the movie "Annie 2014" and service the pianos at Itzhak Perlman's annual summer music festival.

Eventually, my wife's education brought us to Ohio. I was more involved in the Piano Technicians Guild, became a tuner and woodworker for a local pipe organ company, and started my own piano service company between Cleveland, Youngstown & Columbus.

I was selected to attend Yamaha's "Performance Piano Service Seminar" in California and met a colleague who later convinced me to join him and the growing need for quality piano tuning & repair services in Dallas, Texas.

While I am subcontracting for piano service companies, retailers, and manufacturers. I am also providing service for select clients around Plano, Texas.

If you are interested in scheduling a service you can very easily schedule online by clicking the blue "Schedule Online Now" button. I hope to see you soon!


Jennifer Holiday
Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center
Itzhak Perlman
Sutton Foster
Gershwin - Rhaspody in Blue

This is a new Yamaha Disklavier player piano. The pianist was unhappy with the tone coming from the transition from bass to treble. In order for this piano to really sing it needed some concert level services and techniques. It shows that even new pianos may need more than just tuning to realize it's true potential. Enjoy this short video of the finished product!

                                                 - Joseph

Preparing a new Yamaha SX3 piano. #yamah
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