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Being known for my craft in multiple states, I often get asked how I got started and why I ended up in Texas. Well, it all started when I found an amazing concert piano technician for a mentor while finishing up my music education degree. Very lucky! We worked together providing a high standard of piano service to Long Island / NYC for six years. We did some amazing things like installing a player system that appeared in the movie "Annie 2014" and service the pianos at Itzhak Perlman's annual summer music festival.


Eventually, my wife's education brought us to Ohio. I was more involved in the Piano Technicians Guild, became a tuner and woodworker for a local pipe organ company and started my own piano service company between Cleveland, Youngstown & Columbus.


I found a niche providing service for player piano systems that are controlled by apps from smartphones and tablets. It was when I was selected to attend Yamaha's "Performance Piano Service Seminar" and visit with the Disklavier (player piano) department in California that I met Alex Smith, a British Texan, who later convinced me to join him and the growing need for quality service in Dallas, Texas.


While I am subcontracting for piano service companies, retailers, and manufacturers I am also starting to provide service for select clients around Plano, Texas.


I’m blessed to say I have not led a boring life and I am extremely happy with my career. I have had the pleasure of tuning pianos for some great performances and venues. View Here!​ If you are near the North Dallas area please feel free to message me regarding any sort of piano service.

As a Registered Piano Technician, I am dedicated to providing the best possible standards of piano service. In addition to piano tuning, I also have the benefit of working with authorized piano retailers to give you options when replacing or rebuilding your piano.

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"Registered Piano Technicians are professionals who have committed themselves to the continual pursuit of excellence, both in technical service and ethical conduct."

- Piano Technicians Guild

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