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Enjoy Your Piano More.

Control your piano from a smart phone or tablet.

The system comes with 1,300 songs and a 1 year all access trial of 10,000+ songs.



Your piano is delivered to a shop where it will undergo a transformation. The player piano system is installed and the necessary work is performed to make sure your piano is performance ready.

Moving Truck


The piano is moved with care using our network of professional movers. 


Setup & Enjoy!

A Technician comes to your home to connect your player piano to your network, verify your 1 year music subscription and ensure the piano is sounding it's best with a post move tuning.

 Local Pricing

 1st floor & local 25 miles of Plano, TX
All-inclusive $11,388   
$10,588  See Terms & Conditions

download (2).jpeg

It was an honor to install the QRS Player Piano system at Madame Tussauds in NYC. I did however feel horrible as I was scheduling it to play the ghostbusters theme on repeat for several hours out of the day. The workers probably hate me!


Annie Movie 2014

The player system on this unique piano was used on the set of Annie. This Schimmel previous toured with Alicia Keys, it was awesome to see it playing back notes during one of the musical numbers in the film.

We understand retrofit player systems are dependent on the quality of the installation. We  reinforce the key bed of your piano before beginning to install the system. This helps support the extra weight introduced when installing the system and is often neglected by other installers. We know the performance of the system also depends on the performance of your piano; we take time to inform you of any piano repair or maintenance that would improve your piano and do our best to make it concert ready.  All installations come with a post-delivery home setup and tuning.  

Advanced player piano Technology
  • Easy to use App. 

  • 1 year all access to the largest player piano music selection in the industry.

  • Player Piano Installation on your existing home piano.

  • 5-year electronic parts warranty.

This link is view only and won't play the music. However, it will show what the app will look like and what is available in the library.

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Want to talk about your pianos player potential?

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